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Internet Colorado Services & Rates

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For Internet service within the Gunnison City Limits, please go to our IC Connex Website

Wireless Internet 

Package Pricing Starts at $49.95 for 100Mbps!
Connect UNLIMITED dedicated Ethernet or wireless connections in your HOME or BUSINESS.

  • Home Wireless $100.00 install fee with one year contract -OR-  FREE with 2-year contract
  • Business Wireless $100.00 install fee, no contract
  • Symmetrical speeds up and down
  • Secure and reliable
  • No hidden fees

Router and Radio Antenna Required. Special cases may require additional equipment.

  • Antenna:  $10/mo rental or $220 purchase
  • C5C Antenna: $27/mo rental or $350 purchase
  • Mimosa Antenna: $15/mo rental or $220 purchase
  • Smart RG: $15/mo rental or $125.00 purchase

Business Fiber

Dedicated symmetrical fiber connection that delivers secure and reliable internet access for CRITICAL CONNECTIONS.

  • No additional taxes, per call charges or hidden fees
  • Supports unlimited ethernet or wireless devices
  • Modem required: buy for $150 or rent $9.99/month    
  • Router: buy for $125 or rent $15.00/month
  • One-time install fee: $250 or waived w/a 2 yr. contract  
  • Additional IP Phone Lines $19.99/month
  • Non-IP phones require an ATA device: $200 per 2 lines
  • Additional high-speed packages available




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